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Our Master Roaster and Managing Member Sherry worked in the coffee industry over 20 years. Starting out as a roaster in 1997 for Starbucks was responsible for inputting, executing, and monitoring commands to the computerized coffee roasting equipment and supporting systems.

From there, moving into the position of tasting room assistant, supported roasting plant green coffee specialist by managing tasting room, small batch roasting coffee for tasting evaluation, provided tasting support to green coffee specialist.

Then moving into the coffee quality specialist position, managed over two million pounds of green coffee quality by evaluating (cupping, tasting) sensory attributes in over 150 cups daily during peak harvest and purchase season, using the results to determine acceptability based on defined flavor profiles at various stages.

Trained all new hires in using espresso machine, crafting latte, cappuccino, and Frappuccino drinks.

Oversaw the Coffee Master program, a format to educate employees about coffee from growing, processing, roasting, and proper brewing methods, for 400+ plant employees. 

In 2010 Sherry Started her own coffee roasting business.

Great Coffee Doing a World of Good.

Our commitment is to operate in a responsible and positive way locally and globally to our environment and communities.

We do this many ways:

By sourcing & purchasing from vendors who offer certified Fair Trade, Shade Grown  and Rainforest Alliance.


By giving back financially. In addition to donating locally, we offer three blends of which a percentage of profits of sales go to special charities:

Beacon of Hope Blend   - Due to our great customers, we are able to become a monthly sponsor of a child in Guatemala through Compassion International. Among many benefits, this program includes health monitoring and care, nutritional support, food where needed, healthy recreation, educational and learning activities in a safe environment.   

The Remington - a percentage of profits from 2018 sales of this blend went to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Part of the donation was designated to Canine Infusion Therapy, part went to a general fund in honor of Remington, a canine cancer survivor.

Hero's Blend - In 2019 a donation was sent to Wounded W
arrior Project honoring our Veterans. Also sales of this coffee will help purchase supplies for My Coffee Guru volunteer meal preparation at the Fisher House Bethesda MD location, starting in 2020. If interested in volunteering for this opportunity contact us at

What you may want to know about our coffee categories for the best experience:

Lively & Light:

Coffees in this category fall at the light end of the roast scale. Known as 'city' or cinnamon roast, roasting stops somewhere between 1st pop and just before 2nd pop. Combining this roast style with coffee from regions known for bright acid makes a bright and snappy cup of coffee. If you like milk chocolate, cream & pale ales, or wine coolers, this is your coffee category.

Mellow and Mild:

Coffees in this category fall at the center of the roast scale. Known as 'full  city' roast, roasting stops around 2nd pop. Combining this roast style with coffee from regions known for balanced acid and body lends its self to a smooth cup of coffee.  If you like semi sweet chocolate, lagers, brown/red ales, blush or Piesporter wines, this is your category.

Big and Bold:

Coffees in this category fall at the darker end of the roast scale. Known as 'full', 'dark' or 'continental' roast, roasting goes beyond 2nd pop. Combining this roast style with coffee from regions known for big body makes a 'stout' or bold cup of coffee. If you like 70% - 80% cocoa chocolate, stout or porter ales, chardonnay or Cabernet wines, this is your category.

Lots more info under FAQ. Check it out!